Revitalize Your Storefront



Whether your business is solely brick and mortar, solely online, or a combination of both, you can use cross-channel marketing to provide personalized, memorable experiences.  Cigar Educator is an omni-channel engagement platform that makes Consumer-First Education and Marketing a priority.

Dazzle Your Customers

Building on the physical shopping experience, Cigar Educator can provide assistance to the customer that likes to browse and make a product selection based on their own merits.

With growth in internet technologies, retail digital assistance is an emerging segment of the economy and the perfect place to implement your establishments culture for pairing your customer with the right cigar.

Mixing technology-enabled experiences in a physical store or showroom with digital sales components, is the trend setting direction,  leading with innovative display technologies for multi-channel customer engagement.

Custom Tailored For The Way You Do Business!

Cigar Educator’s Platform allows you to tailor your sales presentation or cigar selection / education your way.  Our experts help you build and maintain your system on a per business basis.

Our system is white labeled to integrate with your business branding and fit seamlessly with your internet technologies.

Cigar Educator’s In Store Customer Engagement Solution

Make it a memorable way to satisfy your customers in an extraordinary, amazing and cool way.
Help your sales people to raise specific product consulting quality to a new level based upon platform results.
Give your customers something to get excited about, and tremendously increase the level of in-store experience.
Simplify the complexity of product selection and pricing options and visualize them in a clear and concise way.
Provide highest levels of decision-making support, encourage up-selling through digital engagement and drive sales.

Capture more decision-making information, by relinquishing sales associates from having to ask for personal information – allow the platform to capture customer information correctly.

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Cigar Educator will increase your revenue, create a more satisfied customer that is educated about cigars, and reduce your overhead costs! 

Whenever a customer,  or potential customer uses the Cigar Educator Platform it will collect information and data that is mission critical in taking your business to the next level, using proven digital marketing solutions.