Email remarketing is a form of email marketing.

The whole idea of email remarketing, is attracting your customers back onto a website, or into your retail store.

You’ve already met this customer before. You already spent time and money to bring this person to your website or your retail store. So with email remarketing, you’re taking the information you already have about this customer and using it to send a relevant email.

For an eCommerce store, email remarketing is about getting customers back onto a website where they can make a purchase.

How will email remarketing increase sales?

Relevancy and personalization – This is established through the in-store use or on-line use of Cigar Educator.

You open an email from your friend because it’s relevant to you. That’s the same way it works with remarketing emails sent from a retail business whether online or from an in-store visit.

If you’re sending email that is smart and based on the way a customer has browsed with Cigar Educator, you can deliver relevant emails.

Relevant and personalized emails are going to get opened. They’re going to get clicked. And they’re going to lead to sales.